Welcome to ChanceEnglish.com: A Free Source of Randomised ‘Authentic’ English Teaching Content.

I set up ChanceEnglish.com as a way of implementing my interpretation of a Dogme English language syllabus. I use this site to generate random videos, pictures, audio, and texts, to use in my English lessons in place of traditional produced materials like textbooks and handouts.

My interpretation of a Dogme syllabus is creating an environment that is conducive to facilitating individual learner needs and interests. That negates the use of textbooks and handouts as these type of materials are purposefully generalised in order to appeal to a mass audience. Alternatively I could create content that is tailored to individuals, but I would still be making assumptions and generalisations about what’s most appropriate for my learners.
My solution is to use randomly generated authentic content and allow the learners to shape what happens in the classroom. Before the lesson begins I have no idea what content will be generated and so what happens in the lesson is spontaneous and free of any teacher biases. This approach puts a lot of responsibility on the learners to be agentive participants. They will need a lot of guidance and support from the teacher but ultimately I hope they will have a more rewarding learning experience.
My intention for this site is to keep adding content, to add materials designed to help facilitate a truly student-centred ‘Dogme’ approach, to add posts about my unplugged experience, and to add videos of my and others’ classes. Please keep checking the site to see what’s new and I encourage you to try this approach for yourself. If you do please share your experience and feel free to comment on any posts if you have something interesting to say.
The content comes from a number of different sources which you can find listed on the sources page of this website. I’m created this site for educational ‘non-profit’ purposes, but if you do come across any content that doesn’t fall under ‘fair use’ or ‘public domain’, please contact me and I’ll take it down. All content includes a link back to the source material. I do not own any of the generated content and encourage you to follow the links to support the copyright holders.