Favourite stories

Speaker 1: Welcome back to our show! OK. This is Maria, and I don’t know your last name.

Speaker 2: Polk. Speaker 1: Oh that’s good. Speaker 2: From Polkton, Maria Polk.

Speaker 1: OK. And where did you grow up? Were you born in this area here?

Speaker 2: I was born in Cottonville. Right outside of Norwood in Stanley County.

Speaker 1: Oh, OK. When you were little, did your mom read you books, or did somebody read you books in your house?

Speaker 2: My mama read to me and my sister.

Speaker 1: Uh-huh. What kind of books were your favourites? Do you remember any that were maybe a real favourite of yours?

Speaker 2: Mm, I kind of liked them all. Um, I didn’t really have a favourite.

Speaker 1: No? Any particular types, like ones with pictures or. Can you think of a story that they told you that you liked for them to read over and over?

Speaker 2: Um, I think my favourite was like, “Little Red Riding Hood;” I loved that book.