Bonnie Rindner

Speaker 1:
My name is Bonnie Rindner and I was born in San Antonio, TX, and the story I’m going to tell is about my mother.
Um, a little background first.
Her, let’s see, her mother’s family were wealthy people at one time.
They owned car dealerships and extensive land.
Um, I don’t know if they were farmers or not, but I know they were land owners, um, many acres and, um, her grandmother was raised in wealth.
Uh, then the Depression came and apparently everyone lost all their money.
Um, she was raised in MO, and she married a man, this is my grandmother I’m talking about.
And they were very poor by this point, and they had, I think, seven children.
And one particular Christmas, things were very, very difficult.
There was no money to buy any presents at all, um, for the children, and my grandfather, who was killed when my mother was 16, this was, of course, way before that, um, he must have been a very positive person because what he did with the situation was he, he told the children that there were no presents this Christmas because they had given them all to Santa to take the poor children and this made the children feel happy and proud of themselves and it gave them a good feeling that they had done something very nice for someone less fortunate than themselves.
Um, I felt like that was a way to face that situation with such hope and with joy and with love.
And although I never met my grandfather, I have never forgotten that story and when I hear of him I think what a wonderful, wonderful person he must have been.

Speaker 2:
And how long have you lived in Charlotte?

Speaker 1:
Oh, I have lived in Charlotte, um, for a year.
Um, I lived in Charlotte for five years.
We came here in 1986, we lived here for five years, then we moved to Raleigh for seven years and now we’ve been back one year.

Speaker 2:
Well, good.