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Phonics (pronunciation) is often one of the most neglected areas of English language teaching. Most likely due to teachers’ lack of confidence and unfamilarity in the subject. Fortunately there are now a lot of resources available online to support both teachers and learners. So here are few of my favourite phonics resources.

Chance English IPA Chart PDF

I wanted an IPA chart that included pictures, colour coded vowels, consonants and dipthongs, and had imbeded audio. I couldn’t find one so I made my own. Download and open in Adobe Reader to get the sound. This IPA chart is based on British ‘RP’ pronunciation.



BBC Learning English: Pronunciation

An excellent collection of tips, tools, and videos to help develop your English pronunciation knowledge and proficiency.

Flash IPA Chart

A great tool with pronunciation audio and example vocabulary.

IPA Typewriter (

A very simple phonetic script typewriter. There are lots of IPA typewriters out there. Take some time to search online and find the right one for you.



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